About Us

Welcome to Four Cow Farm!

Four Cow Farm was started by a Midwife, Mum & Grandmother who wanted to make creams and balms that were as good and natural as possible for her two little grandchildren (one of whom was born with eczema). Using her own time-tested recipes and traditional ingredients, Nanna’s labour of love began as a gift to her two little ones.

Today, the whole family (yes, dads included!) is committed to providing ‘nothing but the best’ handcrafted natural skincare products from our farm in the Blackall Mountain Range of South East Queensland (which runs on 100% green energy!). Learn more about Four Cow Farm.

Our Ingredients & Products

At Four Cow Farm, our creams, balms and lotions are made from the finest natural ingredients available and we choose the safest natural food-grade preservatives and emulsifers for all our products. So when you open a jar or bottle from Four Cow Farm, what you see is what you get – the colours, textures and fragrances come from our wonderful ingredients themselves, and nothing else. You can learn more about the dangers of Fragrances & Preservatives, as well as more on our Blog.

And since we’re animal lovers, all our ingredients are made and tested without harming any animals, and all our packaging is 100% recyclable and earth-friendly. Learn more about what makes Our Ingredients & Our Products so different from the rest (as well as the Research on our ingredients).

Learning About What’s Natural & Organic

We believe that the only way to know what you’re buying is to learn about the ingredients in your and your children’s skincare. So if you’re interested in learning more about what’s good and bad for baby, our Blog is a great place to start (it’s also got lots of interesting nuggets on organic food, eczema and allergies etc.).

Getting In Touch

Lastly, if you’ve got questions about our products or about natural and organic products in general, whether you’ve already bought one of our products or are thinking of doing so, drop us an email at advice [at] fourcowfarm [dot] com and we’ll be happy to help you with the information you need.

Happy reading!