Exercise during pregnancy could protect baby against high blood pressure in later life  | Daily Mail Online

Why keeping active is a good thing with or without a bump! – Pregnant women who exercise regularly may be helping their babies beat high blood pressure in later life, say researchers. They found the children of mothers who were physically active – especially in the last three months of pregnancy – had significantly lower […]

Christmas waste: Recycling agency urges Australians to be mindful in festive season – ABC News

A little late but always a timely reminder that the biggest celebration of the year can also be our most wasteful. Wonderful ways to minimise that environmental impact! – Zero Waste SA compiled a 12 Wastes of Christmas list. It urged people to be environmentally thoughtful about how they celebrated the festival season. The agency said […]

Energy Drinks A Public Health Hazard, Especially When Children, Alcohol Involved: World Health Organisation

Why knowing what goes into our children’s tummies is so important! – Energy drinks have long been maligned for the perception that such massive amounts of caffeine can’t be good for anybody, much less children. Now the World Health Organization has validated their fears, on Tuesday proclaiming that rising rates of energy drink consumption is “poised […]