Why a baby’s first ‘da-da’ DOESN’T mean they’re talking to daddy: Infants just like the sound of their own voice, study reveals | Daily Mail Online

Let’s keep this from the daddies… – When a baby says its first words, it may bring joy to their parents – but they are actually just talking to themselves. ‘Da-da’ is often the first word many babies use, but new research has revealed they are not specifically calling for their father but instead listening […]


Coca-Cola and Pepsi have more sugar in UK compared with other countries, tests reveal – Mirror Online

Scary! How much do we really know about what goes into the products we buy? Why reading those ingredient lists, and getting to know the people who make your products is so important! – Popular fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have more sugar in the UK than compared with other countries.Some brands contain more than […]