Food Pyramids and Plates: What Should You Really Eat? | Harvard School of Public Health

Searching for a guide to healthy eating for you and your family? Here’s a good place to start! – Several of the recommendations in the current version represent important steps in the right direction: Move to a plant-based diet. The guidelines emphasize eating more foods from plants, such as vegetables and beans, whole grains, and […]

Say NO to disposable cutlery

Why steering clear of one-time-use plastics whenever possible is a good thing! – The bad news is that most of these, whether they are made of paper (with a mix of other properties) or plastic, the fact is that they tend to be not easily biodegradable, making them very harmful when released into the environment. […]

Fiber and Your Child

Why fruit, veg and whole grains are key to any child’s diet, and how to ensure they’re getting enough! – Listed on food labels under total carbohydrates, dietary fiber is found in plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains. Some of the best sources are: whole-grain breads and cereals apples oranges bananas berries prunes pears […]