Which? attacks ‘exaggerated’ food supplement health claims | Science | theguardian.com

Nothing beats eating a good diet, as Nanna always says! – Consumers are wasting money on food supplements that use “exaggerated, misleading and sometimes unauthorised” claims to promote their alleged health benefits, a highly critical report has warned. Some manufacturers – including well known names such as Boots, Seven Seas and Vitabiotics – are still […]

Organic Calendula, Oat & Chickweed Bath Soaks

Description: Five luxuriously soothing 100% natural and organic bath soaks combining the cooling and itch-relieving effects of picked-in-the-wild chickweed (yes, picked in the wild!), the moisturising and protective benefits of certified organic colloidal oats, and the calming and anti-inflammatory effects of certified organic calendula petals. Comes with 5 x 40g Bath Soaks packaged in a 100% […]

Asthma, rhinitis and eczema symptoms all ignited by deodorant sprays | Medical Specialists News and Articles

The hidden dangers of those spray-on deodorants – It is believed that around half of children are using deodorant by the age of 11, with the fear of body odour making them spray themselves far too excessively. However, this excessive use has led to worry from health experts that over-using deodorant can result in increased […]