Phthalates impair female reproduction, too, finds fish study. — Environmental Health News

Scientists are continually uncovering the terribly far-reaching effects of phthalates… unfortunately found in so many skincare products and household items… – Reproductive problems leading to infertility  were seen in female fish exposed to phthalates at levels generally found in the environment. The results are some of the first to show the plasticizers can affect females […]

Professor hopes to educate pregnant women about reducing formaldehyde exposure – Medical Xpress

Worryingly, formaldehyde can even be found in skincare sometimes as a preservative! – An organic compound most commonly used in pressed woods and building materials, formaldehyde made headlines in 2008 thanks to the high levels found in FEMA-issued trailers after Hurricane Katrina. And it has remained a public health concern since, given that the chemical […]