Antimicrobial Ingredient in Soaps and Toothpastes Spurs Breast Cancer Cell Growth : Nature World News

Good old soap (Castile soap preferably!) and water works great, without the need for any strange additives! – The antimicrobial ingredient triclosan, used in soaps, toothpastes and other products, as well as the commercial substance octylphenol, promoted the growth of human breast cancer cells in lab dishes and breast cancer tumors in mice. The findings, […]

Breastfeeding DOES cut the risk of asthma, says landmark study of 250,000 babies over 30 years | Mail Online

Why breastfeeding is a must if you can! – Breastfeeding does protect children from asthma, a major review has found. Researchers combined data from 117 scientific papers over 30 years, involving some 250,000 babies to sweep away conflicting claims about the link. They found that regular breastfeeding cuts the risk of asthma by 37 per […]