Guides & Brochures

We’ve made our favourite guides and informational brochures available below freely for download! We hope they help you learn more about what to avoid in baby skincare – or any skincare! – products or how best to care for sensitive skin or affected by eczema.

The Four Cow Farm Guide To Baby Skincare

Overview: The average baby is exposed to skincare products from the day it’s born! From washes to lotions to oils, most babies have their largest organs slathered with baby skincare products from the day they are born.Yet, have you ever wondered what goes into the bottles of lotion, oil and wash we pour onto the skins of our little ones on a daily basis?

How To Care For Skin With Eczema

Overview: A simple step by step guide and regimen to caring for skin affected by Eczema.

A Four Cow Farm Note On Little Tots And Eczema

Overview: The itching, the rashes, the redness, the scratching. Every parent who’s had to deal with a little one with eczema knows those symptoms all too well. The cycle can be stressful and upsetting for both parent and tot. Where do you start? Here’s Four Cow Farm’s five simple steps to begin understanding and living with eczema.