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Laundry detergent pods linked to more burns of kids’ eyes – CBC News

It’s easy to forget that most household cleaners use very harsh chemicals! Why it’s so important to be extra careful in the home when it comes to little wriggly ones… – Laundry detergent pods are increasingly contributing to eye injuries among preschoolers, indicates a U.S. study that also gives injury prevention recommendations. The pods are often […]

Should you pick your baby up every time it cries? New study says ‘yes’

If you’re feeling guilty about doing just that, now’s a good time to stop! – New research has found that cuddled children grow up to be healthier, less depressed, kinder, more empathetic, and more productive adults. Prof Narvaez said the research showed it was “impossible” to “spoil” infants with cuddles and that letting them cry […]