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Kate Grenville interview: why perfumes are making you sick | The Guardian

Unfortunately, even natural fragrances from essential oils can be just as potent! Why we don’t use fragrances for fragrance’s sake and why we’re very, very careful even when it comes to essential oils – The most startling thing in the beginning was that far from being the only one affected, one in three [Americans] report health problems […]

What a subtle scent

Is your perfume making you sick? New study suggests so | Daily Mail Online

Why we don’t add fragrance for fragrance’s sake! – New research from the University of Melbourne has found that one in three Australians have reported adverse health effects from fragranced products. These effects include anything from breathing problems to migraine headaches, skin irritation and even asthma attacks. But fragranced products don’t just encompass perfumes and body […]


10 nutrition mistakes even really healthy people make – The Washington Post

Very helpful advice! – 1. You add whole flaxseeds to your breakfast Flaxseeds are filled with omega-3 fats, fiber and lignans (antioxidants), which all benefit heart health. But whole flaxseeds may pass through the intestines undigested, which means you’ll miss out on the health benefits inside the seed. Buy ground flax seeds instead, or put […]


Going gluten-free? Your exposure to arsenic and mercury might increase 

Yikes! Important new findings on gluten-free diets – If you suffer from coeliac disease, then turning to a strictly gluten-free diet isn’t some trendy lifestyle choice – it’s a literal form of medical treatment. But science has discovered that freeing yourself from gluten isn’t without its own potential health risks. New research from the University of […]