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New study shows parents may protect babies against future allergies by sucking on kids’ pacifiers! – CBS News

We’re big believers in the hygiene hypothesis, and this backs it up! It might seem a little too icky though but, as Granddad often says, a little good dirt never hurt anyone (and in this case, it’s a good thing!) – New research finds kids whose parents “cleaned” their child’s pacifier by sucking it were […]

Why artificial sweeteners may increase your sugar craving: They tickle the taste buds, but can’t fool the brain | Mail Online

A little bit of the real thing is a much better option than a lot of the not-real thing! Definitely something we agree on – Choosing diet drinks and artificial sweeteners instead of high-calorie treats may increase your craving for sugar, a study has found. It is because sugar subsitutes tickle the tastebuds, but can’t […]

Are C-Sections Bad for Babies? New Long-Term Concerns Regarding Higher Rates of C-Sections

A lot more goes on during a baby’s birth than we realise! – “We are only 10 percent human,” writes Michael Pollan, best-selling author and professor of journalism. “For every human cell that is intrinsic to our body, there are about 10 resident microbes — including commensals (generally harmless freeloaders) and mutualists (favor traders) and, […]