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Is It Safe to Eat Soy? –

We’re soy-lovers ourselves! Though as always, eat the real thing, and not the processed alternative – Soy has been a dietary staple in Asia for many centuries. Some studies have found that it may offer some cardiovascular benefits, though the evidence at this point is more suggestive than conclusive. As far as any downside, most […]

Cosmetic preservative causing an epidemic of allergies: is this in your skincare product? | Mail Online

Yikes! Why we’re so careful about our choice of preservatives and only use those which are premium food-grade, and even then, only in the smallest amounts. It means shorter shelf lifes and smaller, more frequent shipments but it’s worth that price!  - A chemical used in hundreds of beauty products is being blamed for a […]

New study shows parents may protect babies against future allergies by sucking on kids’ pacifiers! – CBS News

We’re big believers in the hygiene hypothesis, and this backs it up! It might seem a little too icky though but, as Granddad often says, a little good dirt never hurt anyone (and in this case, it’s a good thing!) – New research finds kids whose parents “cleaned” their child’s pacifier by sucking it were […]