Four Cow Farm reviewed on The Australian Baby Blog



It might not look it from her little one’s expression but great review of the Four Cow Farm Baby range on The Australian Baby Blog! Plus a 10% voucher offer for readers for purchases off the Four Cow Farm Australia Online Store (until the end of October)! –

I’m very conscious about what products I use on my kids (and myself!). Often there are so many ingredients in moisturisers, balms, soaps and creams – things you can’t even begin to pronounce, let alone know how it will react on your skin. My daughter often has scratches and bumps from who-knows-where, so the Calendula Remedy was perfect for her. It’s made with 80% organic calendula-infused olive oil, with the added beneficial properties of vitamin E and organic Roman Chamomile. It’s buttery soft goodness is so nice to rub onto the skin, I’d definitely want to use this over any chemical-laden product!

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