What Our Customers Are Saying…

Some of our customers have left us some wonderful comments and reviews on our Facebook page. They’re honest, real and we’re proud to show them off  🙂 If you’ve got an experience with Four Cow Farm you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you here or on our Facebook page !

My 23mths old prince was diagnosed with mild eczema when he was 4mths old & since then I have tried & searched for the best baby wash & moisturiser for him since those prescribed by Dr either was to harsh (contains steroids) or just not suitable for him! I think I’ve spend lots of money buying him all those big brand products especially those that’s organic! My hubby even suggested that I should opened a mini market to sell my collection of baby wash & moisturizer! Yes, it was so much that I began to feel disheartened until I met a long lost girlfriend whom suggested that I checkout this ‘ Four Cow Farm’! I told myself this will be my last search & so I tried on my prince when he was 15mths old & since then I have never & no need to look for any other such products anymore! My prince is in very good hands already!

– Kristina L

As a herbalist in training and avid fan of FCF products, I just wanted to post and say how impressed I am with your Calendula Remedy. Other baby products have calendula in them but I think your recipe really gives it a chance to work its magic – below is a pic of my baby’s eczema that got infected…

…and just a week later with your Calendula Remedy used three or four times a day…

– Samira S

Dear Four Cow Farm, we really love the Baby Wash! My 4mo had cradle cap on top of her head and it was all stuck to her hair. With your Baby Wash and a silk scrub, I’d managed to gently scrub it off cleanly and after which, she smells amazingly sweet I can’t stop sniffing her 😛 thanks for a great and simple product!

– Danielle G

The baby lotion worked beautifully on my niece’s skin! Her skin is is soft to touch and has a healthy glow. Thanks so much!”

– Shiuh Wei L

“Ur nappy balm and calendula cream r fab!! baby ellie’s strange nappy rash disappeared within 2 days! thank u!!! xxx”

– Mary G

“Funny story – I was at the spa and the technician used a cream on my lips that completely soothed my chapped lips…”

– Militza M

Four Cow Farm, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you! I have been using your products for a while. Your Calendula Remedy is a much needed balm to my sore & itchy skin during my monthly eczema outbreaks. I also use it on my face for dry patches and it works so well! And I love your Baby Wash so much, I use it not only on my kids but on myself as well! Ha! Keep rocking it! =)

– Cheryl L

my 3 month old baby and I are lovin’ your baby lotion. Not only does it gently replenish dry skin but it smells heavenly!”

– K.C. Hollman

“i love using four cow farm products on my son! it’s not only organic, it feels and smells like one! you would never think twice using it on your first born. we never leave home without the “nappy balm” which the entire family uses in cases of bites, itches or scrapes – it magically heals almost instantly – we call it the “all-around balm” in front of other people”

– Elaine H

“Be it in bath, on irritated skin, or for a calming massage, my 4 months old baby love it all! I am amaze by how such natural products can be so effective!”

– Melva G

“My mum recently developed sensitive skin and has been breaking out in rashes. So I’ve introduced her to the baby wash – she told me today that she wants more and its making a difference! I’m passing her some calendula remedy next. I’ve been using the baby wash, baby lotion, calendula remedy for the past year or so, and I’m loving it and the results! Keep up the good work Four Cows Farm.”

– Jeanette L

Love your products! Especially the lotion, it’s light, easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling..”

– Selvie U