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High-Fiber Diet May Ward Off Asthma

Why we should all listen to our nannas about eating lots of fruit and veg! – The fiber consumed in fruits and vegetables seems to help quiet the overzealous immune system activity that leads to such conditions as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and possibly even colon cancer. Now it appears that a diet rich […]

Timing of Baby’s First Solids May Affect Allergy Risk – NYTimes.com

Another reason why breastfeeding works! – Breast-feeding exclusively for four to six months, and introducing solid foods while breast-feeding continues, may be a good way to reduce the risk for food allergies in children. British researchers followed a group of 1,140 infants from birth to 2 years, while their mothers completed diaries detailing the babies’ […]

Avoiding toxic fumes from candles this holiday season? What to look for

We’re partial to beeswax ones ourselves! Most candles are made from paraffin wax though (and synthetic fragrance), why natural alternatives are a better option  - According to the Environmental Protection Agency, along with researchers at the University of Michigan and South Carolina State, certain types of candles have been found to discharge the dangerous chemicals […]