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Exposing baby to dust reduces allergy risk - research - Life & Style - NZ Herald News

Exposing baby to dust reduces allergy risk – NZ Herald News

With allergies on the up-and-up, another good reason to avoid obsessing with cleaning and using anti-bacterial products – Exposing babies to a dust mite could significantly reduce the risk of developing allergies including asthma and eczema as they get older, according to new research from the UK. Researchers at the NIHR Southampton Respiratory Biomedical Research […]

Antibiotics in pregnancy may harm a baby’s immune system by killing the germs that will help make it stronger | Mail Online

Over-prescription of antibiotics is becoming a big health issue. Even more reason to make sure it’s only taken when it’s really needed! – Pregnant women who take antibiotics could be putting their unborn children at risk of disease. Researchers have found that drugs used to beat infections can interfere with a baby’s immune system. By […]