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Antibiotics in pregnancy may harm a baby’s immune system by killing the germs that will help make it stronger | Mail Online

Over-prescription of antibiotics is becoming a big health issue. Even more reason to make sure it’s only taken when it’s really needed! – Pregnant women who take antibiotics could be putting their unborn children at risk of disease. Researchers have found that drugs used to beat infections can interfere with a baby’s immune system. By […]

Breastfeeding DOES cut the risk of asthma, says landmark study of 250,000 babies over 30 years | Mail Online

Why breastfeeding is a must if you can! – Breastfeeding does protect children from asthma, a major review has found. Researchers combined data from 117 scientific papers over 30 years, involving some 250,000 babies to sweep away conflicting claims about the link. They found that regular breastfeeding cuts the risk of asthma by 37 per […]