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Antibiotics in pregnancy may harm a baby’s immune system by killing the germs that will help make it stronger | Mail Online

Over-prescription of antibiotics is becoming a big health issue. Even more reason to make sure it’s only taken when it’s really needed! – Pregnant women who take antibiotics could be putting their unborn children at risk of disease. Researchers have found that drugs used to beat infections can interfere with a baby’s immune system. By […]

Scientists call for ban on antibiotic given to chickens which ’causes 1500 deaths a year across Europe’ | Mail Online

Gertrude and Esmeralda wouldn’t like this at all! Why we need to pay more attention to what our feathered friends are fed – Billions of chickens are given antibiotics to treat E.coli bacteria but this has resulted in several strains of superbugs developing which are, when passed to humans, resistant to treatment. Scientists have documented […]

New Rule: Don’t Take Antibiotics for This Common Condition | Rodale News

More warnings on taking antibiotics seriously, and only for conditions for which they work! – Your family doctor knows best, right? Not always. Many physicians routinely prescribe antibiotics for a common springtime ailment that cannot effectively be wiped out with drugs. And dishing out these antibiotics doesn’t just threaten patients with side effects, but also […]

Babies given antibiotics are 40 per cent more likely to suffer with eczema, study reveals – The Independent

Nanna’s always said that babies’ little bodies are learning all the time to cope on their own. So interfering with that (unless it’s absolutely necessary) can have consequences! Eczema is so much more than just a skin condition, and here’s more evidence that it’s the immune system as a whole that needs looking after – […]

How Dirty is the Meat You Eat?

Another good reason to be eating more veg! And knowing how the meat you consume is farming. Talk to your farmer (or email them) and make sure you get a response! – Sixty-nine and 55 percent of pork and beef samples, respectively, tested positive for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but turkey and chicken pose much greater problems, […]