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Phthalate, antibiotic levels plummet after five-day vegetarian diet — Environmental Health News

Why Nanna’s advice to always eat your veg and fruit is good advice! – Twenty-five participants lived in a Buddhist temple and adopted the monks’ lifestyle – including their traditional vegetarian diet – for five days. At the beginning of their “Temple Stay,” participants completed a questionnaire about what they had eaten in the previous […]

Should I avoid taking antibiotics? | Life and style | The Guardian

Should I avoid taking antibiotics? | The Guardian

Why using antibiotics carefully (they might not work one day!) is key – If you caught pneumonia in the pre-antibiotic era, you had only a 50% chance of surviving the infection. So it is no wonder that England’s chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, is anxious that antibiotics don’t lose their effectiveness. Last week, she warned […]

Pregnant women, fetuses exposed to antibacterial compounds face potential health risks — ScienceDaily

We like our handmade Baby Wash (which is a traditionally made Castile Soap) and water personally! – As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mulls over whether to rein in the use of common antibacterial compounds that are causing growing concern among environmental health experts, scientists are reporting today that many pregnant women and their […]

Antibiotics in pregnancy may harm a baby’s immune system by killing the germs that will help make it stronger | Mail Online

Over-prescription of antibiotics is becoming a big health issue. Even more reason to make sure it’s only taken when it’s really needed! – Pregnant women who take antibiotics could be putting their unborn children at risk of disease. Researchers have found that drugs used to beat infections can interfere with a baby’s immune system. By […]