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Washington reports show chemicals of high concern in kids toys | KEPR

What’s in those toys! – The Children’s Safe Product Act requires manufacturers of children’s products sold in Washington to report if their product contains a Chemical of High Concern to Children. Out of 80,000 on the market, there are currently 66 identified chemicals of concern manufacturers are required to report. Earlier this month 87 companies […]


This song was created with one goal: make babies happy

Worth a go! – Have a fussy baby? Researchers believe they have the solution: a simple lullaby specifically designed to make babies happy. Though it’s a simple tune, the process behind “The Happy Song” was actually quite complicated, per Time. The song is the result of plenty of research into infant musical tastes, which revealed infants would likely […]


Mounting Evidence Links Lead, Mercury and Arsenic to Autism

Yikes! Why lowering air pollution is such a vital priority – Investigators studied the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data on 4,486 children with ASD residing in 2,489 census tracts across the country. They used an overlay of the Environmental Protection Agency regional air pollution data to determine if air concentrations of various […]