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Gut bacteria could predict asthma in kids

More and more support for ‘the hygiene hypothesis’ – why Nature knows best when it comes to preparing our little ones’ bodies for the real world! – Dirty diapers are the unlikeliest of crystal balls, but they could hold the answer to why some children develop asthma. Just four types of gut bacteria in the […]


Are You Bathing Your Baby Too Much? – WSJ

Why how you care for baby skin is so very very important! Although we think their advice on soap shouldn’t include our traditionally-made 100% extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil castile soap, which is still the gentlest wash we’ve seen!  – How often a baby gets a bath, what is in the baby wash and shampoo […]

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Lovely review from LeasterandDarnie.com.au!

We love hearing about people’s experiences with our range especially when it’s a result of looking for products that are safe for little ones with extra sensitive skin (which is why we created our range in the first place ) This is a lovely blog post from a customer of www.lesteranddarnie.com.au– a wonderful Australia-based online […]

Swimming pool chlorine bad for children - IOL Lifestyle | IOL.co.za

Dangers of swimming pool chlorine

Most parents of children with asthma, eczema or sensitive skin know this already but chlorine is one of the most potent irritants there is! – Chlorine is a potent irritant for anyone who has eczema – which means that millions of Britons who suffer from this common skin condition are prevented from enjoying a pleasurable, […]