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Plastic Pollution = Cancer of Our Oceans: What Is the Cure? » EcoWatch

Why managing our plastic litter and waste is so important! – Our ocean is filled with all sorts of plastic—from fully intact items like bottles and toothbrushes to plastic fragments, filaments, pellets, film and resin. Recently, a team of researchers from six countries calculated that an astounding 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic weighing 269,000 tons […]

20 Year Old Claims He Can Rid the World’s Oceans of Plastic » EcoWatch

We love this clean-up idea! – Last June, an intrepid teenaged environmentalist made headlines after developing The Ocean Cleanup, described as the “world’s first feasible concept to clean the oceans of plastic.” Boyan Slat, a Dutch former aerospace engineering student, said his plastic-capturing concept can clean half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in a decade. The […]

France Mandates New Roofs Must Be Covered in Solar Panels or Plants » EcoWatch

We love this idea! – According to a new law passed by French Parliament last week, all new buildings constructed in commercial zones must be partially covered by plants or solar panels. French environmental activists initially proposed that all new buildings be completely covered by foliage, but officials thought that would be too extreme for […]

Air pollution may be damaging children’s brains – before they are even born – The Ecologist

Why air pollution matters, especially for the littlest of little ones! – Exposure to air pollutants during pregnancy may contribute to childhood abnormalities in the brain, a new study suggests. The research, from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, measured the exposure of the mothers to PAH air pollution and used brain imaging to look […]

Global Warming Is Slowing Ocean Currents Causing Dire Consequences, Warns Climate Expert Michael Mann » EcoWatch

The dire consequences of climate change… Why every little bit of action counts! – Climate scientists Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf announced the findings of their new study yesterday, which shows that the rapid melting of the polar ice has slowed down currents in the Atlantic Ocean, particularly since 1970. The scientists say “the slowdown in ocean […]