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Treating sewage with chlorine may promote antibiotic resistance – Medical News Today

Antibiotic resistance is the biggest challenge of our times! Why how we treat what we produce is so important… – Treated wastewater is one of the major sources of pharmaceuticals and antibiotics in the environment,” says Olya Keen, PhD. “Wastewater treatment facilities were not designed to remove these drugs. The molecules are typically very stable and […]

Air pollution may cause more UK deaths than previously thought, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian

The worrying effects of air pollution are increasing, why action needs to be taken now – The death toll from air pollution, usually put at around 29,000 a year in the UK, could be substantially higher because the lethal effect of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), emitted during fossil fuel burning, has not been taken into account, […]


Climate change targets could still lead to ‘highly dangerous’ global warming | Daily Mail Online

A dire prediction of the effects of climate change, why every action taken now makes a difference! – The study warns that glaciers in Greenland and the Antarctic could melt 10 times faster than projections put forward by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which predicted sea levels would rise by around one metre […]