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Phthalates are out of infants’ toys but a heavy dose is still in their food – The Washington Post

Which is why we don’t use any ingredient suspected of containing phthalates in our products! After all, if you wouldn’t put them in your mouth, why would you put them on your largest organ every day? – Remember the great phthalate scare of 2008? C0ngress, in a rare bipartisan response to a clamor from parents and […]

Phthalates impair female reproduction, too, finds fish study. — Environmental Health News

Scientists are continually uncovering the terribly far-reaching effects of phthalates… unfortunately found in so many skincare products and household items… – Reproductive problems leading to infertility  were seen in female fish exposed to phthalates at levels generally found in the environment. The results are some of the first to show the plasticizers can affect females […]