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“Health” Foods Prompt Lawsuit | Rodale News

Oh dear! Why reading those labels is an absolute must! – Kraft, the maker of Crystal Light, is coming under fire for making “natural” claims on its lemonade and iced tea mixes. Despite photos of lemons and other natural ingredients, many Crystal Light products are actually made with things created in science labs, including artificial […]

The Hidden Threats in Your Herbal Supplements | Rodale News

Goodness! Sometimes, even reading the labels doesn’t help! – Researchers from Canada and India tested more than 90 different herbal capsules, powders, and teas from 12 of the industry’s largest herbal-supplement manufacturers; they even had some shipped from retailers in the U.S. More than 30 percent of the supplements tested contained a substitution plant instead […]

Mums ‘waste £500 a year’ on baby milk formula: Ordinary cow’s milk healthier and cheaper, says Which? | Mail Online

We think the cows would agree! – Parents of toddlers are wasting more than £500 a year on specialist children’s milk, despite ordinary cow’s milk being healthier and cheaper, say consumer watchdogs. The milk is marketed as providing all the nutrients needed by children aged one to three, with some brands adding iron and omega […]

Drinking Soda Linked to Behavioral Problems in Kids

We’re milk, fresh juice or water lovers ourselves, but making your own natural (and healthier!) alternative is a great alternative too – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that soda isn’t great for kids’ teeth or diets, but a new study suggests a link between soda consumption and bad behavior too. The […]