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3 Reasons You Should Skip Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets – EcoWatch

Don’t be misled by your nose! One great reason (amongst others) to skip fragrance (and why we don’t use added fragrances in any of our products, after all, if you’ve got great, natural ingredients, shouldn’t they be left au naturel?) – Fragrance There are more than 3,000 fragrance ingredients in common household products—and scarcely any way to know […]


Why you should be worried about toxic chemicals in fragrance – Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families | Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

Why knowing what goes into your products is so important! We never use any fragrance for fragrance sake so the only fragrance in our products comes from the ingredients we use. Where it does say ‘parfum’, it’s a trademark essential oil blend which we only use as a preservative in our creams and lotions, and only in tiny […]


Air fresheners and scented candles could cause cancerous DNA mutations and asthma | Daily Mail Online

You can’t beat opening a window or spending some time outdoors instead! Why we avoid all fragrance ingredients in our products, and never use essential oils for fragrance either! – Chemical sprays, plug-ins and gels for home perfuming are hugely popular but investigators warn that they can include an array of hazardous substances which may […]

These Everyday Chemicals Linked to Autism | Rodale News

Why we avoid phthalates – and adding fragrances – to Nanna’s range at all costs! – There are plenty of health reasons for everyone to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals, but pregnant women especially need to take note. Prenatal exposure to flame retardant chemicals and phthalates has been associated with autistic features in children, according to Canadian […]