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How to Green Your Kid’s Room (NYMetroParents)

We love these tips, and couldn’t agree more! – Wash Your Hands Get rid of the hand sanitizer by the changing mat and don’t use it on your kids’ hands. It may contain triclosan, trilocarbon, or fragrances, which are suspected carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Triclosan was recently banned by the Food and Drug Administration and […]

What a subtle scent

Is your perfume making you sick? New study suggests so | Daily Mail Online

Why we don’t add fragrance for fragrance’s sake! – New research from the University of Melbourne has found that one in three Australians have reported adverse health effects from fragranced products. These effects include anything from breathing problems to migraine headaches, skin irritation and even asthma attacks. But fragranced products don’t just encompass perfumes and body […]


3 Reasons You Should Skip Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets – EcoWatch

Don’t be misled by your nose! One great reason (amongst others) to skip fragrance (and why we don’t use added fragrances in any of our products, after all, if you’ve got great, natural ingredients, shouldn’t they be left au naturel?) – Fragrance There are more than 3,000 fragrance ingredients in common household products—and scarcely any way to know […]