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Flame retardant chemicals may affect social behavior in young children | Oregon State University

More and more evidence as to how chemicals affect those very little developing brains! – CORVALLIS, Ore. – Some chemicals added to furniture, electronics and numerous other goods to prevent fires may have unintended developmental consequences for young children, according to a pilot study released today. Researchers from Oregon State University found a significant relationship […]


How to Green Your Kid’s Room (NYMetroParents)

We love these tips, and couldn’t agree more! – Wash Your Hands Get rid of the hand sanitizer by the changing mat and don’t use it on your kids’ hands. It may contain triclosan, trilocarbon, or fragrances, which are suspected carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Triclosan was recently banned by the Food and Drug Administration and […]


Indoor Air Pollution Sources | Rodale Wellness

Yikes! Open those windows and keep those scented candles at bay! – Mood Enhancers There’s nothing like a lit candle to set the mood, but most candles sold today emit cancer-causing benzene and toluene, as well as other respiratory-irritating hydrocarbon chemicals called alkanes and alkenes—these are things that come out of car tailpipe. Not sexy! […]