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Is plastic food packaging dangerous? | Life and style | The Guardian

Is plastic food packaging dangerous? | The Guardian

  The same class of chemical is often found in fragrances (which is why we avoid adding fragrances to our products!). Why phthalates really are far too much trouble for what they’re worth – When I asked the lead researcher, Leonardo Trasande from New York University School of Medicine, if the small, clinically insignificant rise in […]

Kids and energy drinks a dangerous mix – CBS News

Why knowing what we bring into the home – especially when you have little ones running around – is so important! – The potential dangers of energy drinks, those highly caffeinated beverages that promise to stave off sleepiness, are well known, but a new study suggests that even young children are at risk. Although the […]

Read the label: Detergents – The Ecologist

Knowing what we put in our bodies and on them is so important! Why we make good old traditionally handcrafted castile soap – If you regularly use modern cosmetics and bodycare products, then you are regularly exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. On average we each use nine different products, with a total of 126 unique […]

Greenwash Of The Week: Febreze – The Good Human

Oh dear, how important it is to know what goes into the products we bring into our homes! – Febreze’s main active ingredient is Cyclodextrin, which binds or entraps various hydrophobic compounds that cause odors. Wikipedia. It is a starch based compound that swallows odors, encapsulating them inside the compound. It does not actually clean […]