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Avoid Air Fresheners, Open a Window!

Adding fragrance for the sake of it is a BIG no-no on the farm. None of our products contain ingredients that are fragranced – unless they are specifically for beneficial use! And this is why. The fragrance in your skincare is just as impenetrable as the stuff that’s in your air freshener. A good reason […]

New wave of ‘superbugs’ poses dire threat, says chief medical officer | Society | The Guardian

Did you know that no new classes of antibiotics have been discovered in over 20 years? And we’re using and over-using antibiotics more than ever before, on ourselves and our children! A good reminder that they should be used carefully and only when absolutely needed – Antibiotic-resistant bacteria with the potential to cause untreatable infections […]

Study Highlights Hidden Dangers In Everyday Products – Even The “Green” Ones – Forbes

What’s in a lot of the household products we buy! Unfortunately, a green label isn’t enough of a guarantee, which is why we always read the ingredients – A first-of-its-kind, peer-reviewed study published in Environmental Health Perspectives today reveals an alarming number of unlabeled chemicals of concern in commonly used household and personal care products. […]