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E-cigarettes may be carcinogenic, report claims

We’re not fans of either variety! Getting off either is definitely a good thing – E-cigarettes are more dangerous than thought and can cause cancer, the September edition of a French magazine has claimed.“Electronic cigarettes are far from the harmless gadgets they’re sold as by manufacturers,” wrote monthly magazine “60 Million Consumers” following a study […]

More than 60% of dishwashers contain potentially harmful fungi that can cause lung problems and skin infections | Mail Online

Why giving that dishwasher a good wash itself is a good thing to do! – Dishwashers are a breeding ground for potentially harmful fungi, new research has revealed. Researchers found that the warm, damp environment in dishwashers is ideal for the growth of fungi including Exophiala, Rhodotorula, and Candida parapsilosis – yeast-like species that can […]