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Chemicals in PVC Flooring Can Be Absorbed Into Children’s Bodies: Study – US News and World Report

The worrying thing about phthalates – they’re most often found in fragrances in skincare! – Phthalates in PVC flooring materials can be absorbed by children’s bodies, a new study shows. These chemicals — which are suspected to cause buy viagra super active online asthma, allergies and other chronic diseases in children — can be ingested […]

6 Weird, All-Natural Air Fresheners | Rodale News

Open those windows! Nothing beats fresh air. But whatever you do, don’t use commercial air fresheners. Some great ide buy cheap viagra soft as for all-natural air fresheners – Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? According to Green, it’s another weird odor remover that helps cut the smell of winter mustiness. You can use […]

Formaldehyde, flame retardants and other toxics exceed safe levels in air and dust in day care centers

Worrying news about indoor air quality in a place where kids spend the most time! – A study conducted by the State of California [Update 10-26-12:  The study was funded by the California Air Resources Board and conducted by Asa Bradman and colleagues at the Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health at UC Berkeley] – described […]