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Flame-Retardant Furniture May Leave A Toxic Legacy

We don’t often think about where our trash ends up, but that’s not a good thing when so much of it is full of chemicals we’d like to avoid! – California’s new Technical Bulletin 117 removes a decades-old requirement that flame retardants be included in the filling of upholstered furniture. The state rule, which became […]

CDC Tips to Prevent Poisonings

Helpful advice on how to prevent poisonings at home (those little fingers can get everywhere!) – Be Smart about Storage Store all medicines and household products up and away and out of sight in a cabinet where a child cannot reach them. When you are taking or giving medicines or are using household products: Do […]

Avoiding toxic fumes from candles this holiday season? What to look for

We’re partial to beeswax ones ourselves! Most candles are made from paraffin wax though (and synthetic fragrance), why natural alternatives are a better option  – According to the Environmental Protection Agency, along with researchers at the University of Michigan and South Carolina State, certain types of candles have been found to discharge the dangerous chemicals […]

Warning on chemicals in children’s furniture

Why it’s so important to choose your children’s furniture and toys carefully! – Children may enjoy plopping down in foam-filled chairs just their size, but a report released Wednesday by several advocacy groups says those chairs may contain flame retardants that could be harmful. The chemicals were detected in children’s furniture sold by major retailers in […]