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Is Your Couch Trying to Kill You? – Bloomberg

The reasons behind the concern over chemicals in our environment – Imagine if government officials knew that certain chemicals were hazardous enough to cause health problems as serious as cancer and neurological defects, yet were largely powerless to restrict them. That, in a nutshell, is the state of chemical regulation in the U.S. On paper, […]

AFP: Poland to ban Monsanto’s GM maize

The EU still taking a strong stand against GM crops amidst the concerns over its effects on human and environmental health -  WARSAW — Poland will impose a complete ban on growing the MON810 genetically modified strain of maize made by US company Monsanto on its territory, Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki said Wednesday. “The decree […]

FDA Backtracks On New Sunscreen Rules | Rodale News

Great new rules on sunscreen labelling to take place in the US – more truth, more honesty, more transparency, we hope they happen! – After nearly 30 years of delay, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally announced last year that they would be instituting new rules for sunscreen that would clarify for consumers which […]