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Multivitamin studies have found some supplements could do more harm than good | Daily Mail Online

Just like any ingredient, nothing beats the real thing! Why our skincare is made like food, and why eating real food always beats the pill-alternative! – Vitamin pills are big business – from chewable ones for children and tablets especially tailored for women going through the menopause to essential oils for dodgy joints and high-dose […]


The 14 ingredients in McDonald’s FRIES | Daily Mail Online

Erm… I think we’ll stick to Nanna’s home-made oven-baked fries! – During his investigation he found that there are two rounds of frying. He also discovered that dimethylpolysiloxane – a form of silicone found in Silly Putty – is used in the making of McDonald’s fries along with a petrol-based chemical called tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ). However, […]


Home Cooking May Help Keep Type 2 Diabetes at Bay

Nothing beats Nanna’s home-cooking! – The researchers found that for each lunch prepared at home in a week, the risk of type 2 diabetes dropped by 2 percent. For each dinner prepared at home, the risk decreased by 4 percent. How might eating at home help? Eating more homemade meals may help lessen weight gain, […]