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The ‘organic’ beauty goods not as green as they seem | Daily Mail Online

Read those ingredient labels, and get to know those ingredients! – Beauty brands including Boots have been accused of misleading customers by falsely labelling products as organic. Ingredients not certified as organic – and even linked to health problems – were found in a range of cosmetics apparently claiming to be all-natural. The research for the […]


‘Recycling plastics contaminate children’s toys with toxic chemicals’ – The Guardian Nigeria

Even when it IS green, it pays to know where your ingredients come from. Being a conscious consumer keeps companies on their toes! – Ahead of the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention (SC COP-8) in Geneva, Switzerland, a new global survey has revealed that recycling plastics containing toxic […]


Going gluten-free? Your exposure to arsenic and mercury might increase 

Yikes! Important new findings on gluten-free diets – If you suffer from coeliac disease, then turning to a strictly gluten-free diet isn’t some trendy lifestyle choice – it’s a literal form of medical treatment. But science has discovered that freeing yourself from gluten isn’t without its own potential health risks. New research from the University of […]