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Four Cow Farm - Calendula Remedy

Lovely Thumbs-Up from Blissful Living

Thank you Blissful Living for the lovely thumbs-up for our Calendula Remedy, we’re so glad to hear your little one’s benefiting from it! – It’s a wonderful product and without doubt that it works for my little one and that’s what matters the most.  After trying a whole bunch of Moogoo (almost the whole range […]


Lovely review of Four Cow Farm!

A big thanks to wonderful family and food blog Feeding the Friedlanders for the lovely review of our 100% Natural Skincare range! Winnie, a former midwife, started making washes and lotions for her grandchildren who suffered from sensitive skin and eczema. Well, what started as a grandmother’s labour of love has turned into a baby skincare […]

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Great Baby Kit review from KaleyDavies.com

Thank you www.kaleydavies.com for the lovely review of our Baby Kit, and all the way from Canada! When your baby’s delicate skin is suffering from itching and rashes from sensitivities or conditions such as eczema it can be hard to watch them deal with and even harder to find products that are going to help […]

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Lovely review from LeasterandDarnie.com.au!

We love hearing about people’s experiences with our range especially when it’s a result of looking for products that are safe for little ones with extra sensitive skin (which is why we created our range in the first place ) This is a lovely blog post from a customer of www.lesteranddarnie.com.au– a wonderful Australia-based online […]