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Shampoo and the planet – Green Living Tips

Wonderful post from a guy greenie on finding out what really goes into his little bottle of shampoo –  But I took a close look at my bottle of shampoo one day and my hair stood on end before I even washed it. The front label stated “Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo – Professional performance […]

Journal of Investigative Dermatology – Abstract of article: Epidermal Damage Induced by Irritants in Man: A Light and Electron Microscopic Study

More on the effects of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) on the skin –  To gain a greater understanding of the interaction of irritants with the skin, we investigated the histopathological changes resulting from the topical application of a series of structurally unrelated irritants. Human volunteers were patch-tested with appropriate concentrations of nonanoic acid, sodium lauryl […]

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Dangers- David Steinman

More disturbing research on sodium lauryl sulfate which is already a known skin irritant and allergen –  There may be another more insidious problem with use of sodium lauryl sulfate. Bear with us if we use a little scientific lingo in this section of the report. Your reward will be a better appreciation for whether […]