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Plastic Contaminates Table Salt in China – Scientific American

Yikes! Why disposing of plastics properly, and knowing what goes into our skincare is so important! – Diners in China who season their meals with sea salt may be unwittingly consuming microscopic pieces of plastic pollution.When researchers analyzed fifteen brands of common table salt bought at supermarkets across China, they found among the grains of seasoning […]


Air fresheners and scented candles could cause cancerous DNA mutations and asthma | Daily Mail Online

You can’t beat opening a window or spending some time outdoors instead! Why we avoid all fragrance ingredients in our products, and never use essential oils for fragrance either! – Chemical sprays, plug-ins and gels for home perfuming are hugely popular but investigators warn that they can include an array of hazardous substances which may […]


Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardant Linked to Attention Problems in Kids | Psych Central News

The worrying connection between chemicals and our little one’s developing brains. Why choosing carefully is best! – Prenatal exposure to a certain type of flame retardant that has commonly been used in consumer products is now being linked to attention problems in young children, according to a new study by researchers at the Columbia Center […]