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Going gluten-free? Your exposure to arsenic and mercury might increase 

Yikes! Important new findings on gluten-free diets – If you suffer from coeliac disease, then turning to a strictly gluten-free diet isn’t some trendy lifestyle choice – it’s a literal form of medical treatment. But science has discovered that freeing yourself from gluten isn’t without its own potential health risks. New research from the University of […]

Activists warn that PCBs — toxic industrial chemicals — contaminate thousands of U.S. schools – The Washington Post

Yikes! – Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, are industrial chemicals so toxic that Congress banned them 40 years ago. Research has shown that they can cause a range of health concerns, including cancer and neurological problems such as decreased IQ. And yet, because they were commonly used in building materials for decades, they continue to contaminate […]

Toxic make-up batches ‘contain chemicals so dangerous they can cause organ damage’ – Mirror Online

Yikes! Loving the tone of your skin (whatever it is!) means whitening products shouldn’t be in anyone’s make-up collection… – Consumers have been warned of the dangers of some make-up brands that are so toxic they can cause organ damage. Trading Standards officials have told cosmetics buyers to be aware after 15 businesses in London […]