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Plastic Chemicals During Pregnancy Linked to 70% Increased Asthma Risk | TIME

No phthalates in any of our products! We avoid synthetic fragrances entirely and only use the safest certified organic pure essential oils, and only in the safest concentrations for newborns. Why avoiding fragrances is a good thing! – You won’t easily find the word “phthalate” on a label, but the group of sticky chemicals that help […]

Is Your Wine Spiked With Hormone Disruptors? | Rodale News

Why it’s so important to know how your products are made! – The hormone disruptors in question are dibutyl phthalate (DBP), diethylhexl phthalate (DEHP), and butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP). The researchers found that 59 percent of wines contained significant amounts of DBP, 15 percent of wines contained significant amounts of DEHP, and 15 percent of wines […]

Swimming pool chlorine bad for children - IOL Lifestyle | IOL.co.za

Dangers of swimming pool chlorine

Most parents of children with asthma, eczema or sensitive skin know this already but chlorine is one of the most potent irritants there is! – Chlorine is a potent irritant for anyone who has eczema – which means that millions of Britons who suffer from this common skin condition are prevented from enjoying a pleasurable, […]

Pregnant women, fetuses exposed to antibacterial compounds face potential health risks — ScienceDaily

We like our handmade Baby Wash (which is a traditionally made Castile Soap) and water personally! – As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mulls over whether to rein in the use of common antibacterial compounds that are causing growing concern among environmental health experts, scientists are reporting today that many pregnant women and their […]