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Laundry detergent pods linked to more burns of kids’ eyes – CBC News

It’s easy to forget that most household cleaners use very harsh chemicals! Why it’s so important to be extra careful in the home when it comes to little wriggly ones… – Laundry detergent pods are increasingly contributing to eye injuries among preschoolers, indicates a U.S. study that also gives injury prevention recommendations. The pods are often […]


43% of Products Marketed to Kids are Artificially Dyed, Study Finds | Center for Science in the Public Interest

Why keeping it natural makes the most sense! – Candies marketed to kids had the highest proportion of products with artificial dyes (96 percent) followed by fruit-flavored snacks (95 percent), drink mixes and powders (90 percent), and frozen breakfast foods (86 percent). Researchers at the University of North Carolina Asheville catalogued foods, as well as […]