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Is there an official Sustainable label?

No. Sustainable is a term that’s applied to labels of food and other products, as well as company practices, but it’s not a real, certified term. Often times, a company will use this term not on a product, but in press material about their company.

What products is this label commonly used with?

Everything you can imagine from food to clothing to building supplies and more.

How useful is this label?

The term ‘sustainable’ is misused so often that it’s not very useful for consumers anymore. Sustainable could mean anything. Sure, it could mean good things, such as it may define a product that really is more energy efficient or it could mean that a company ethically offsets carbon and uses all recycled packaging.

Sadly, ‘sustainable’ may also mean that the company once bought some recycled paper or that amid all their bleach containing products they sell just one safer, less toxic product.

There’s no doubt that sustainable practices and products are a good deal for people and the earth, but simply saying a company is sustainable, without backing up why, means very little.

How is this label connected to organics?

Organic production is naturally somewhat sustainable due to certain NOP rules. Still, there are few NOP policies that mandate specific sustainable practices. Sustainable and organic can be interchangeable, if a company decides to be both organic and eco-friendly, but as a general rule these terms do not mean the same thing.

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