If it comes with all sorts of added ingredients (that’s why we don’t put additives or colourings or fragrances in our products!), it’s probably best avoided! –

Yogurt Your eight-ounce cup of fruit-flavored yogurt has as much sugar as a cup of vanilla ice cream. Both have about 28 grams of sugar, the equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar. In our research we even came across a yogurt that contained more than 40 grams of the sweet stuff.

Safer Swap: Plain yogurt and fresh fruit. Plain yogurt does have about 12 grams of sugar, but it comes from naturally occurring lactose, which isn’t the enemy. Even if you add in a generous quarter cup of fresh blueberries, you’re only adding about 4 grams of sugar, and none of it is added sugar. Better yet: Make it yourself!

Source: 12 Sources of Sneaky Sugar in Your Diet