Worryingly, you’ll find the very same ingredients in skincare too – even for babies! Why reading those ingredient lists is so important… –

Baby wipes: they might have been designed for keeping babies’ bottoms clean and smooth, but in reality there are many grown up women who rely on them, too.

They’re a handy — and cheap — make-up remover, and can also be used for a freshen up when you haven’t time for a shower. No wonder that in 2016 we went through an astounding 7,969 million packs of wipes in the UK.

They may be convenient but research reveals that wipes like this are a problem because they are made from polyester, which not only pollutes seas and clogs drains if flushed down the loo, but takes hundreds of years to decompose on landfill.

Even more alarming, is a new study (shared exclusively with Femail by consumer group Which?) that shows that the wipes we’re prepared to trust on a baby’s tender skin, not to mention our own delicate complexions, are often impregnated with a cocktail of chemicals that leaves a trail behind.

When Which? inspected the contents of 14 popular brands of baby wipes, some of those it looked at contained a staggering 18 ingredients. More disturbingly, several of the wipes contained chemicals that you probably don’t want to be putting on your skin at all.

This includes a common preservative called phenoxyethanol.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4228702/The-18-chemicals-lurking-baby-wipes.html#ixzz4a3PYD364