A wonderful list of tips in fighting baby eczema from another mum who’s been there and survived it! Great review site as well – 

After much trial and error, his condition is finally well-managed. Here are the 29 tips to fight your baby’s eczema:

  1. Find out the root cause: Although eczema could be inherited, it may also be triggered by external irritants such as soaps, detergents and food. The most common foods which trigger eczema symptoms in some people include: cow’s milk, eggs, soya, wheat, fish and nuts^. (By chance, we realised that Vee’s condition has been triggered by soy.)
  2. Eliminate the irritant(s): After finding the irritant, eliminate it from your baby’s environment, wherever possible. (Since I am breastfeeding Vee, I had to stop eating soy too.)
  3. Prepare your own baby food: If you suspect that food is causing flare-ups, preparing homemade baby food allows you to control every ingredient. Introduce one new ingredient at a time, especially allergenic foods, to single out any irritant. (During one dinner, Vee’s new food was steamed beancurd. A rash broke out around his mouth almost immediately. That was how we found the root cause.)
  4. Read the labels: If you are offering baby processed food (e.g. biscuits, jarred food), scrutinise the label to ensure that it does not contain potential triggers for your baby’s eczema.
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