Interesting study on the anti-cancer effects of olive oil (some scientists now thing it’s because of the high level of antioxidants found in virgin olive oil) – 
Scientists have uncovered a new weapon in the fight against skin cancer – olive oil.Japanese researchers have found that applying high quality olive oil to the skin after sunbathing reduces the risk of developing tumours.

The theory was tested on genetically modified hairless mice.

The researchers found that high-grade, virgin olive oil smeared on the skin delayed the appearance of tumours and reduced their size.

The researchers led by Dr Masamitsu Ichihashi of Kobe University School of Medicine placed the mice under a sunlamp three times a week.

Five minutes after each session a some of the mice were painted either with regular or extra virgin olive oil. The rest were left unoiled.

After 18 weeks, the mice not treated with olive oil started to grow tumours.

Mice treated with regular olive oil fared little better.

But those daubed with virgin olive oil took an extra six weeks to show any sign of cancer.

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