More reason for putting more greens in all our diets – 

Dr. Colin Campbell is one of the least likely vegans. Raised milking cows on a farm, he began a research career in the 1950s focusing on ways to prevent malnutrition amongst poor children through the ‘Western diet’, a diet high in animal based protein which he, as well as his colleagues at the time, fervently believed was the best diet one can have.

It was while doing research in the Philippines in the 1960s when he noticed a higher than expected incidence of liver cancer in children, especially those from more affluent families who were the ones consuming the most animal protein.

‘When I started, it seemed like I kept running into things that went against what I thought. After 27 years with the research funded by the NIH [the US National Institute of Health], I obviously got to a point where my views on nutrition were substantially different from what they were when I started. Instead of relying on animal based foods as a primary source of good nutrition, it is very clear that we should be relying on plant based foods,’ he told the Ecologist.

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