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  • Set up a “Big Kid Toy Zone”. Many parents put their babies in playpens, but crawlers need space to move and explore. I like the idea of creating a small enclosed area for the big kid toys — the LEGO bricks, the Calico Critters, and anything else with easily swallowable pieces. Call it the “Big Kid Toy Zone” and the older child(ren) will proudly keep it exclusive.A mum named Louise did this and says it worked out wonderfully. “My oldest not only had a place where he could safely play with his stuff, he also had an area that he could use when he felt overwhelmed by his little sister, who thought he was the most fascinating creature on earth and would be stuck to his side every moment of the day if we let her,” she writes.
  • Organise toys by danger level. On shelves, use the basic low-to-high guideline: Place the safest toys on the lowest levels and toys with small parts on the highest ones or in closets. You might decide to bring down the big kid toys only when the baby is napping or otherwise out of the way.

Source: How To Childproof Your House For Your Second Kid  | Lifehacker Australia