Absolutely wonderful and very simple ideas for turning your little patch of green (no matter how little it is!) into a wonderland for your little ones. What a lovely way to start your little one’s love affair with nature! –


1. Alphabet Garden

To help children learn the alphabet or just design a garden space with a fun theme, you can incorporate the alphabet into a garden in many ways:

Select 26 plants with names beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  (I have compiled a comprehensive table of A-Z edible fruits and vegetables available around the world so feel free to email me for a copy.)  Kids can make their own plant labels for free so they learn to identify what each of the plants are.  Children can take their friends and family on a tour of the garden in alphabetical order of the plant names or play this as a game to see how fast they can get to all the plants till they reach the last plant in the alphabet!

Make signs with plant names to help kids identify what they grow and encourage them to spell correctly.

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