DIY grocery bag Easter basket

A simple step-by-step guide to making lovely home-made recycled Easter egg baskets! –


1) Using full size paper grocery bag, remove handles (•note some do not come with handles) and cut down center seam. Trim off bottom of bag and open the trimmed bag flat. You can discard handles and bottom of bag.

2) Mark 1.75 inch strips (top to bottom) and trim. You will need 19 strips which you should be able to get from just one bag.

3) Fold each strip lengthwise into thirds. This will make your basket very strong and help hide the printing from the outside of your grocery bag.

4) 2 of your strips will create a handle. Weave them together as shown in the diagram below. You can create this effect by keeping the surfaces facing up and crossing them back and forth over each other. Use clothes pins to hold them into place until you are ready to glue them onto basket.
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