Wonderful tips on throwing an eco-friendly kids’ birthday party, good for the planet, and good for little ones too – 

Every year our little ones invite hordes of excited friends over for their birthday parties. But instead of offering the same balloon-animals, sugary cake and fizzy drinks, consider something different for this year’s bash, by throwing a green kids party.

In the kitchen

At most children’s parties there are mountains of cake, chips, and chocolates and enough fizzy soda drinks to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. All of this artificially-flavoured food not only drives kids to sugar-crazed heights, but it is also not very good for their delicate tummies. Junk food also comes with a heavy environmental price-tag, when you consider all of the artificial chemicals and additives, food production costs and packaging waste. So, instead, why not offer something a little healthier and more environmentally friendly too, by offering some fresh, wholesome foods at your kid’s next party.

The cake

Instead of the usual chocolate or vanilla sponge, why not opt for something a little more eco-savvy and nutritious, by offering the birthday guests some freshly made, organic carrot cake. You can also opt for other fruit-filled pies, such as apple, peach or cherry.

Top tip: All of the ingredients for the cake can be sourced locally, from organically grown carrots and flour, to free-range eggs and milk. By doing this, you not only cut down on the food miles of your party treats, but you also offer your child and their guests something a little different.

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