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Would this work to remove the sand? I continued and rinsed the wash cloth in the bath and squeezed it over his hair to wash out the product. I did pour one scoop of water over his head for the final rinse, but this could be skipped for a smaller infant. The sand was gone and it was a single product to replace shampoo and conditioner.

I decided to wash my 8 month old daughter’s hair after the positive experience with my son. This was only the second time she has had her hair washed. The first was after 8 days in hospital to remove caked birth blood. I approached with the same method I used on my son of creating a lather with the wash cloth. I rinsed her hair by squeezing water from the rinsed wash cloth – no pouring over her head. Success.

Me next. May I remind you that all 3 of us are in the same bath. Surely I get points for this super effort. While I did not have any sand or peanut butter in my hair, I did have 3 days worth of hair product to deal with. I decided to use the wash like you would shampoo, where I wet my hair, then put some in my hands and rubbed it over my hair. Because I have more hair than the kids and the formula is foaming agent free it did not get the same sort of coverage you would get from a regular shampoo. So I applied a second 10 cent piece size squirt and this seemed to do the trick.

What was the result? Our hair was left clean without the over-powering (usually artificial) fragrance of other shampoos. I like the idea of one product to replace shampoo and conditioner. Our hair was not overly soft so I found the next day I did not need any styling product as I did not have any flyaway bits like I usually would after a shampoo. I simply smoothed my hair down and done. Saving money and time – a winner in my books.

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