green bedroom

Excellent tips and advice on detoxing the space in which we all spend a third of our lives! The first step of detoxing any space is getting rid of fragrances, which are the number one causes of allergic reactions and also complex mixtures of chemicals. The best fragrance we think? Fresh air 🙂 – 
Okay, so you can’t get your bedroom this green, but here are tips to make it feel like you’re sleeping at a fresh-air resort. 
Your bedroom may look beautiful, but is it a health hazard? Find out how to sleep well without inhaling toxins.

I’ll admit that I never quite thought about an eco-friendly bedroom. Green means saving money on electric and water bills in the kitchen and bath — but bedrooms? Well, yes. Green means taking care of toxicity issues throughout your home. “The bedroom is not the place to ignore when it comes to environmentally-conscious decisions,” says eco-expert Sophie Uliano, author of book and blog, Gorgeously Green. “After all, we spend half our life with our head buried in our pillow.” Here, she offers tips on how to get a healthier night’s sleep.
Ditch air fresheners and candles
 While you shouldn’t use commercial air fresheners, Uliano warns, “You can’t be sure that so-called natural products don’t have damaging phthalates in them, either.” If we can’t use air fresheners, how do we handle musty closets? By putting baking soda and borax together in a cardboard shoebox with holes punched into the top (tape the shoebox shut) and place it in a corner of the closet to get rid of the damp smell.
The best air freshener, besides fresh air, is a pure essential oil. She shares a recipe for linen spray: Put two tablespoons of vodka in a spray bottle, add distilled water, leaving one and a half inches from the top of the bottle, and then add one teaspoon of lavender and one teaspoon of lemongrass essential oils for a fresh scent. Spray over linens, and don’t forget to spray the hamper every so often.
Even those candles touted as green typically contain artificial essential oils, says Uliano. “You’ll know they do because essential oils have a subtle fragrance rather than one that knocks you over,” she explains. Beeswax candles are healthy and economical alternatives that even those who suffer from allergies and asthma can live with.
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