One of our favourite herbs! Rosemary is a keeper – you can use it in stews, soups, infusions, sprinkled on lovely roast potatoes or simply cut a few sprigs to brighten up a corner. A simple guide to begin growing your very own rosemary –

Growing conditions

As rosemary originated in the Mediterranean region; it prefers a warm, dry climate and well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Plant it in full sun or a semi-shaded spot. Where I live in the sub-tropics rosemary can suffer quite a bit through the wet season so needs the drainage to be excellent. It dislikes acid soils so needs the pH adjusted with lime. My best success has been planting it in a large terracotta pot and then moving it under the eaves during the heavy rain periods. It will never get to the venerable age and hedge-like size of a cool temperate or Mediterranean climate rosemary but it is enough to keep this cook happy.

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