Homemade Christmas

Some lovely ideas for home-made Christmas decorations! – 

Instead of heading to the supermarket for your baubles, take the green route and create your own. We all know the drill, shop till you drop. The road to Christmas Day is paved with the blood sweat and tears of shoppers eager to get all their shopping done. The festive season is the biggest mass consumption event of the year, but it doesn’t come without a price. The environment is a big loser, with the festive period producing 5.5 per cent of the UK’s annual carbon footprint single handed, and 736,571 tonnes of refuse. Among the biggest contributors to the tonnes of waste and pollution are decorations. From plastic baubles to foil-wrapped chocolates, there are plenty of planet-polluters in the mix. But there’s a way around the problem: making your own.

Plenty of popcorn

Thread plain popcorn onto string to make natural garlands, wreaths and decorations. For an especially Christmassy feel, use natural food colours to dye the popcorn to suit your festive colour scheme.  Good news for the birds too come January as the popcorn can be unthreaded and put out in the garden for them when the decorations come down. Make sure you use plain popcorn if you’re planning on dishing it up as an avian dinner: salted, sweet or flavoured varieties will make them ill.

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