They’re often a lot more accessible than you realise, especially to an active toddler! Why being extra careful when it comes to these common household chemicals is so important –

When experts at Australian poison hotlines receive a call about a one-year-old, chances are it’s because the toddler has put ant bait in its mouth. Ant bait and liquid is by far the most common cause of insecticide poisoning for children under five, but thankfully, the consequences are rarely severe.

Yet ingredients in other household bug sprays and treatments can cause hospitalisation and, in extreme cases, death. An analysis of calls to the Queensland Poisons Information Centre found that of all enquiries, 49 percent were to do with household insecticides and children under five.

Researcher Karin English of the University of Queensland told The Huffington Post Australia that one-year-olds were the age group most commonly affected by insecticides.”That’s not a surprise because children at that age put everything in their mouths,” English told HuffPost Australia.

Source: The Insecticides To Avoid If You Have Small Children In The House