More reasons to live together! –

People who live alone are the biggest consumers of energy, land and household goods—from toothbrushes to appliances—and their solo lifestyles are creating an environmental time bomb, according to researchers at the University College, London.

“Current trends show that one-person households are growing more rapidly than other types of household,” said Dr. Jo Williams, UCL Bartlett School of Planning, in a university press release. “Previously, the typical one-person householder was the widow, often on a tight budget and thrifty. The rise in younger, wealthier one-person households is having an increasingly serious impact on the environment.”

The number of one-person households in the UK has increased significantly over the last 30 years—from 18 percent of all households in 1971 to 30 percent in 2001. Experts believe that the figure will rise to 38 per cent—more than a third of all households—by 2026.

According to the research, people who live in one-person households are the biggest consumers of energy, land and household goods—such as washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and stereos—per capita. They consume 38 percent more products, 42 percent more packaging, 55 percent more electricity and 61 percent more gas per capita than four-person households.

In households of four or more, each person produces 1,000 kilograms of waste annually, while those living alone create a massive 1,600 kilograms of waste each year. One-person households also produce more carbon dioxide per person.

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