Even things that seem like they should be in a cot can be potentially dangerous when it comes to little ones! Why it pays to be extra careful –

Many parents may unwittingly be placing their babies at increased risk of dying by putting them to sleep in ways that make sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other forms of sleep-related death more likely, according to a small new study published in the journal Pediatrics today.

Researchers at the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine studied video camera footage of more than 160 infants, which was recorded while they slept. The research was originally aimed at determining new mothers’ preferred sleeping arrangements. But as one of the researchers, Dr. Ian Paul, reviewed the footage, he noticed that in many cases, infants were being put to bed in unsafe ways — such as being placed on their sides or put into cribs full of potentially dangerous items.

Source: Many Parents May Be Placing Babies in Risky Sleep Situations, Study Shows – ABC News