Caz & Savannah have been trying our products out, what a lovely review! We’re so glad that they’re enjoying the range and, yes, at times, we feel like eating some of our products too! 🙂 –

Savannah has the unsightly cradle cap and I have been using the Four Cow Farm baby oil on it. Each morning after using it the cradle cap has disappeared. Sometimes a very noticeable patch is there and I realized it’s a part of her head that I missed with the baby oil the previous evening.

The baby wash is free from foaming agents, so it is low foaming, but performs the job and gives Savannah a pure and gentle wash.

For those babies and children, gosh even adults, with eczema, hives, bites, dermatitis or other skin ailments, the Calendula remedy is a soothing and rich emollient balm. Its a Four Cow Farm favourite and I couldn’t think of a better place to start curing skin conditions. For more information on toxins, eczema, skin care etc. check out the Four Cow Farm Blog.

I was warned that the smell of the products would not be great as there are no perfumes added to the products. I actually found the smell quite enticing as it is so pure and clean.

Craig asked me why he thought Savannah smelt like hay after a put the oil on her head. Fresh and natural, just the way it should be.

Final Review

I have to say I loved all the products that I tried; the baby wash, baby oil, calendula remedy, nappy cream, nappy balm, and baby lotion.

They really felt so light, yet rich in goodness. It must have something to do with the ingredients, because at times I did even feel like eating them!

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