Ahhhh… nothing beats that fragrance! Why we don’t mask our products with added fragrances and perfumes. Babies smell perfect as they are! –

He and his colleagues recruited 30 women, including 15 who had just given birth and 15 who had never, and had them each smell the scent of an unfamiliar newborn who was less than 2 days old. The results confirmed what moms everywhere already know: Baby smell is mesmerizing. Brain scans of the participants showed that “body odors from 2 day-old newborns elicit activation in reward-related cerebral areas in women,” the study authors wrote. In fact, it didn’t appear to matter whether the subjects had previously given birth or not; the brains of women from both categories reacted to the baby smell as if it were a delicious treat, or even a drug.

Source: Why Newborn Babies’ Heads Smell So Good — Science of Us