At Four Cow Farm, water is always top of mind on a daily basis, as every single drop of water used on the farm – that includes every drop that goes into our products, and is used around the farm – comes from rainwater collected on the farm itself. We know we’re very lucky to have access to clean, pure mountain rainwater (it also means we never mind the rain when it comes 🙂 ). We’re always very conscious of how it’s being used and ensuring that it never gets wasted. The water which is used to heat up our equipment is always recycled, and almost all of our wastewater goes to some use around the farm.

We take it for granted, but water is possibly our most precious natural resource. It might cover 70% of our planet but only 3% of that water is fresh water, and only one-third of that is accessible for our use. It’s an amazing thought especially when you consider no living thing on Earth can survive without water, and yet most of us go through the day without giving it a thought. Over a billion people around our planet don’t have safe daily access to clean water and it affects the vulnerable most. Even in developed countries, water supplies are often contaminated with chemicals such as lead, copper and toxic run-off from pesticides, fertilizers and industrial activity. These affect the wildlife in our rivers, seas, oceans and lakes, and as we move up the food chain, ultimately us. So if you have access to clean water at the turn of a tap, be thankful – and mindful – of how precious a resource it is, and how we should all do our bit to ensure the world’s water is looked after.