Raw Banana Ice Cream

Absolutely amazingly yummy ice cream, and a wonderful base for all sorts of flavours! And you couldn’t get any simpler than what’s in it! –

This is probably the simplest, most useful, and amazing raw food recipe I have ever made.  I didn’t come up with it myself, but I’m passing it on anyways as it’s a definite raw food essential.  Even my sister (who’s a bit of a picky eater, and has never really been into raw foods) thought it was amazing!

The first time you make this you should eat it plain in order to appreciate it in all it’s singular ingredient glory.  The times after that (and trust me, there will be many) you can dress it up with sauces and toppings, or serve it with your favorite raw food desserts – raw banana splits, anyone?  I like to get inspired on the Ben & Jerry’s flavors page, and go from there.

This recipe makes one serving of ice cream – if you’re making a larger batch of this ice cream for multiple people, just add one banana for each person.

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