We know parents do it, here’s why it might be better for bubs than you realise! –

The study interviewed 128 mothers over an 18-month period and asked how they cleaned their babies’ pacifiers. Of the 74 whose babies used one, 72 percent said they wash them by hand, 41 percent said they sterilized and 12 percent said spit-cleaned the baby soothers.

The scientists found that babies whose mothers spit-cleaned pacifiers had lower levels of IgE, an an antibody associated with allergic responses. Elevated IgE levels typically indicate a higher risk of having allergies and allergic asthma.

“We found that parental pacifier sucking was linked to suppressed IgE levels beginning around 10 months, and continued through 18 months,” said Dr. Edward Zoratti, an allergist and study co-author. “Further research is needed, but we believe the effect may be due to the transfer of health-promoting microbes from the parent’s mouth.”

Source: Suck your baby’s pacifier to prevent allergies, new research says