Yikes! When all the wastewater on the farm goes into the nearest paddock, we’re very careful about what we put down our sinks and loos! Here’s why we should all pay more attention… –

Australian consumer watchdog CHOICE has put the supermarket products to the test – and the results may surprise you.

We test manual liquid toilet cleaners by using  scrub tester against synthetic faeces,’ the group said.’ We test three times and measure the soil removal by scanning the tile on a picture scanner, and then using colour assessment software to measure the area tile cleaned.

‘Results scaled using a benchmark of 45% performance for tap water, and are rounded to the nearest 5% to account for variability in samples.’ Of the 21 toilet cleaning products tested on the market, five of them performed no better than water.

Source: Toilet cleaners tested: FIVE performed worst than WATER | Daily Mail Online