It’s scary how many hazards there might be out there but there’s no time like the present to start cleaning up what’s around us! –

EWG’s research identified 232 industrial compounds and pollutants babies could be born with. Some of these are so prevalent in our soil or water they can be almost impossible to avoid. But others—especially those found in items as common as shampoo and house paint—are easier to sidestep, once you know what to look for. Here are 10 you can easily protect yourself and your baby from.

1. Lead

Exposure to this powerful neurotoxic metal can cause permanent brain damage, nervous system disorders, behavior and learning difficulties, and hyperactivity. It can also slow down a child’s growth, both in utero and after birth.

How does exposure occur? Moms might drink tap water contaminated with lead that’s leached out of old or poorly maintained water pipes, which is what happened in Flint, Michigan. We might inhale lead-tainted dust from old and chipping paint. We could accidentally be working in contaminated garden soil if the garden is near a building that was painted before 1978, which is when lead in paint was banned. Some lipsticks even derive their color from pigments that contain lead.

Source: Toxic Chemicals to Avoid When Pregnant – Sneaky Household Chemicals